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Safety & Care

Most of our products are 3rd party SAFETY TESTED! Safety is a big deal and we want to ensure the products your little one is using is complaint to Canadian and US standards. Our BLAKE, SLOANE, and MINI pacifier clip certifications:

  • Canada: CCPSA - SOR/2011-17
  • US: ASTM F963-17

Silicone beads are:

  • 100% food grade silicone and non-toxic
  • BPA, lead, PVC, mercury and phthalates free

Our Sloane & Blake designs include the: Hockey Net, ALLSTAR Hockey Jersey, Compass, and Football Helmet. They are all in compliance with international safety standards and pass certifications below:

  • Canada - CCPSA - SOR/2011-17
  • US - ASTM F963-17
  • Europe - EN71 - Parts 1, 2
  • Australia/New Zealand - ISO 8124-1 & 2: 2016


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I just received my product. What's my next step? 
After you receive the product, immediately discard plastic packaging. Have an adult examine the product before each use. Please follow care instructions prior to use.

How do I clean my product? 
Clean product with mild soap and warm water and air dry. For wood beads, spot clean only.


    Disclaimer and Safety

    Always supervise children and never leave them unattended with any products. The product is hand assembled by me and only me. Over time, the string and knots will stretch, and beads may slide over knots. If you notice any hazards such as beads loosening or rust on the metal clip, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY. Metal clips are prone to rusting and are NOT intended to be chewed.

    The wood beads are untreated to avoid sensitivities and allergies. Wood is a natural item and can crack or break with forceful impact or improper handling. To help extend the life of wood, we recommend treating the wood with an organic food grade oil like coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil prior to use. Do not submerge in water and spot clean only. Do not put it in the freezer and if you notice a crack or breakage, discontinue use immediately. 

    NEVER tie a product such as a pacifier clip or adult necklace around a baby’s neck or attach them to a crib and never let them sleep with our product. Teething products that tie around a baby’s neck is a major strangulation risk and can cause serious injury or death and should not be used. Teething products can break, and your baby can choke on the small pieces. Frequently check your product for loose parts or broken pieces. Our necklaces are intended for adults use only. Keep the cord away from flame and sharp objects.

    For sanitary reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges as all products are FINAL SALE. Products should be discarded/replaced after a few months of use. We ALWAYS recommend checking the product before each use for signs of wear and tear. By purchasing this product, you agree to the statements above.

    Sloane & Blake waives all responsibility and liability from our products once sold and shipped to customers.